Rooted In Nature

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Grassroots Grassfed Beef Liver Crisps

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Grassroots Free Range Chicken Liver Crisps

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Grassroots Naturally Raised Turkey Liver Crisps

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Rooted in Nature... Our Promise

Grassroots promises you and your dog that it has selected only the most natural, nutritious, and untainted ingredients. These dog snacks are made with 100% regionally sourced natural ingredients. They are carefully combined into a crispy and delectable dog snack with only 1-2 calories per treat. Go ahead and enjoy giving your dog a rewarding snack anytime you want.

Thanks for making the perfect snack for my dog Riley. My local pet store recommended I try your Crisps and he absolutely loves them. I am so happy that the Crisps are so low in calories....I just give him more without the worry of Riley putting on weight.

Peggy Stolz - Calgary

Wow! I bought a bag of your Grassfed Beef Crisps for my dog Harry this afternoon. When I opened up the bag I could smell the beauty of the coconut oil in the treat. I wanted to eat them too! Harry loved them . Thank you so much for making this wonderful and healthy Canadian treat.

Rachel Macdonald - Toronto

I picked up my first bag of Grassroots Beef Liver Crisps & I'm extremely impressed!! Training my dogs for conformation shows is a lot of work & you give a lot of treats so I'm always looking for top quality tasty treats that aren't loaded with calories . First off, my dogs LOVED them, secondly because they are so low in calories & good for them, I don't worry as much about giving so many and the best thing is that they are ALBERTA MADE!! Thank you Grassroots from all the dogs of Firecrest Chinese Cresteds!! We have our new training & spoiling treats and can't wait to try all the flavours!!

Lesley Thomas

Keep up the excellent work Grassroots. My 6 year old Frenchie will do anything for these turkey liver Crisps. Gotta love the crunchy noise and the clean ingredient list. Your Crisps are half the price of Freeze dried treats and Pierre (my frenchie) loves them just the same.

Adam Tanner - Vancouver

Your Crisps are amazing! Our dog Rissoto is a lot less active and happy in his senior years and your Grassfed Beef liver Crisps has breathed new life into him. He has grain allergies as well so thanks for making these with out any grains. Rissoto thanks all of you at Grassroots. We are so happy they are made in Canada.

Karen & Michael - Edmonton

The Grassroots Movement

Grassroots is a lot more than just making exquisite dog snacks. We are a movement too. Grassroots wants to improve the world in these four important ways:

1. Pet Obesity

About half of our dogs and cats are either over weight or obese. A primary contributor to this epidemic pet health problem is feeding too many calories outside the pet's regular diet. Grassroots wants to reduce pet obesity caused by feeding too many high calorie treats to our pets. At just 1-2 calories per crispy snack, you can feel a little better about giving your pet a reward.

2. Animal Welfare & The Environment                                                      

By choosing naturally raised fresh animal proteins we can begin making a small movement towards the ethical treatment of animals while contributing to the sustainability of our environment.

3. Clean Ingredient List & 100% Natural

Our clean and limited ingredient list of 100% natural ingredients ensures that our pets are not ingesting unhealthy ingredients or unnecessary additions that have little or no nutritional value. Grassroots uses only 8 ingredients with no preservatives, no artificial flavouring, and no dyes.

3. High Quality & High Value

Lastly, Grassroots wants to deliver a very high quality product for a reasonable price. We have developed our Crisps with mostly organic ingredients and we worked hard to deliver these to our customers at just a small premium to conventional ingredients.